What are the limitations of data recovery and its scope

Data recovery is a complex procedure and it requires professional expertise to recover data and avoid loss of data. Data is a very important factor and loss of it can cause big issue especially in a professional scenario.

Limitations of following data recovery services:

Data recovery do not provide any sort of guarantee that you will get all the files and that too in proper condition. It all depends upon the situation and condition of the drive in which the data is stored. It is possible to recover simply formatted or deleted files unless and until it is being overwritten or is corrupted by any sort of virus or Trojan programs. Apart from that, there are several other conditions in which the data recovery process fails and you cannot get your data back. Some of them are as follows :

Data Recovery

  • if the storage device is damaged severely.
  • If the stored location gets missing or cannot be located by the recovery program.
  • The files that are deleted or lost is too old to recover.
  • The storage device has been physically damaged and has a damaged magnetic area where the file was stored.
  • If the data you want to recover has been overwritten.
  • If the files have been infected heavily and the folders which make the header information of the files become inaccessible.

Data recovery works very well if you stop using the drive that is having the problem on an immediate basis. So once you encounter a data loss situation then you must take immediate action. If you want that there is an increased chance of recovering your data then you must take proper professional help immediately if you cannot sort the issue on your own. If you are making use of any sort of software, check the reliability of the software and make sure it is properly licensed else it can make the situation worse.

It is highly recommended to use an efficient recovery software that can understand the kind of challenge that you are facing and perform accordingly. There are several free data recovery software that can do the job for you. Check online for reviews and ratings of the software before you use it. Also read instructions and guidelines properly to make the best use of the software.